How it works


Teams are either ALL girls, or ALL boys.

  • Teams are grouped according to age by calendar year. Starting at 5 years old. No children under 5.
  • We have programs for under 8 years, under 10 years, under 12 years, under 14 years, and under 16 years.
  • There is a draft for new registrants and all kids moving up to a new age category (under 8’s are exempt from the draft.)
  • Maximum of 10 children per team. 
  • All children must play at least 2 quarters, every game. 
  • The under 8’s games consist of a skills section and a playing section. 
  • Each team has a volunteer coach, and if possible, an assistant volunteer coach. 
  • You may register your child for a team at whichever school you prefer to practice. Note: some school’s team will practice at Lamar Dixon gyms. 
  • Click here for school locations. 


  • Registration will run from 10/1/2023 to 10/30/2023
  • Cost per child, per season is $80, payable during online registration. Fees include jersey and shorts for each registrant. 
  • Proof of age is required for all new registrants (a copy of child’s birth certificate.) 

Games & Practices

  • Practices are scheduled to start mid-December. 
  • Games will start January 13th, 2024.
  • Games are played every Saturday, from January to March, at the host school gyms, plus Lamar Dixon gyms. 
  • Practices are arranged or more evenings per week at the “home” school gym. 
  • Practice schedules are arranged by the coach and gym commissioner. 
  • You will be contacted by your child’s coach when they are ready to begin their practices. 
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